Design4Pilots Pilot Backpack, aviation flight bag, pilot bag, drone bag, camera backpack.

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Size 18.11" x 13.40" x 7.9": DESIGN 4 PILOTS Backpack, meticulously designed with the pilot's needs in mind: stabilized soft shell to protect valuable equipment, such as headsets, laptops and tablets. Made out of durable nylon throughout with soft padding at all critical corners and surfaces. Elegant and high-quality finish. Four corrugated rubber feet keep the backpack clean when set down. All zippers are extra-strong and light reflecting for those facing forward and backward, as an additional safety feature for to be seen

Order of compartments from front to back:

- Front: two opposed half-banana zip-pockets for pens, batteries, keys, charging cables, power cords, - topped by a quick-access compartment with horizontal zipper and metal logo. - two zipped compartments on either side for longish objects such as a fuel tester, radios, water bottles, with 2" webbing at the lower zip end to prevent objects from dropping out after opening.

- These are topped by one each small un-zippered stretch-neoprene compartment - main compartment with Velcro-strip dividers to securely separate objects of different sizes, such as a headset from paperwork and clothing. The inside front surface has four webbed compartments for fast retrieval of often used items, the top and bottom ones are full-size (about 10") and the two middle ones are smartphone size, separated by an elastic strip for holding a pen-light (not supplied). The main compartment.

-The next layer consists of a zippered secret pocket accessed from the side, large enough to slip one hand in and stow a passport or cash.

- The following layer is a large pocket for a laptop or tablet, accessed by a zippered opening, also on the left-hand side.

- Back: a large document compartment, consisting of two separate pockets labelled VFR and IFR, a zippered soft neoprene inside-compartment with 'glasses' icon sewn on, two pen holders, four slotted pockets for credit and fuel cards and a 'reminder' flip-card in a clear plastic pocket reading FLIGHT PLAN OPEN on the front and FLIGHT PLAN CLOSED on the back.

- open-mesh padded back-cushion for comfort, with a zippered extra-thick padded compartment worked in, to store items which should be carried close to the body to prevent theft.

- each adjustable shoulder strap has a zippered and padded neoprene compartment sewn in, to store cash and coins. Size 46 x 34 x 20cm.